The work of local Texas artist Johnny Duncan, professionally known as Jenkins2d, could be described as vivid, iconic, deceptively simple. Inspired by street art, video games, and comic books, his work marries the attention-grabbing audacity of graffiti with nostalgic, classic cartoon imagery, inviting us into his world of sorbet-colored grotesqueries and fantastic visuals
Featured Artist Jenkins2d A.K.A Johnny Duncan | Talenthouse

For some reason I thought this only existed in Spanish, so here’s the English version guys

Yo, today was dope. I visited a local skate shop I did a mural in awhile back. The employee was jammin Kanye. I asked him to put on Devil in a New Dress and turn that shit up. I didn't know this dude but we both laid down the verses and chilled.

Missed my Yeezy story getting shared, but that dope! Thanks welovekanyewest